Julian Bradley

For the past 3 years I’ve been speaking out to inspire our youth and young adults to take action on what they need to create the a future for themselves that PROPELLS them onto the path they desire.

As an experienced speaker, my team and I want to provide two key things for your next event…


1. ) A great experience on stage —I’ve presented to audiences both large and small in a variety of different settings and contexts. As a presenter, I will use stories, comedy and humor to not only make a point but to keep your audience engaged and listening. They will leave with practical, applicable next steps to take with them beyond that session.


2.) A great experience off stage —We know as a conference planner, there are a lot of details you have to manage and juggle. The speaker should be the last of your concerns. We’ve worked with hundreds of event planners and are regularly told we were the easiest/most low maintenance speaker they’ve ever worked with.


I speak on a variety of topics including motivation, leadership, entrepreneurship, real estate investing, attracting the perfect mentor and more. We are able to present both keynotes and workshops for audiences of all sizes.

I would love to visit with you to learn more about your conference or organization and how we can best work together to accomplish your goals.

Please let us know what you’re working on by filling out this quick form or contacting my team directly.


Testimonials here ( include Hal Elrod)

Next Steps

Thanks again for considering me for your event. You can take the next step by checking my availability. Just click on the button below and fill out our brief form. We’ll get back with your soon, and see how we may be able to partner together.