The Best Reward Is Watching The Women On My Team Achieve Their Greatest Vision !

I am able to work from anywhere with wifi, arrange my schedule around my kids and feel like I’m contributing to our family financially. I grew my business quickly and I saw the value of having a team. Throughout the process of growing a team, I’ve found that I love coaching and inspiring others to take control of their own life, happiness and opportunities.

Anna Latham

Working with her has been transformative. I have learned to trust myself, my talents, my heart, my work ethic, my vision, and all of my hopes with my decision to join her has come to fruition! And I am just getting started. Emily has been a great mentor. When I received my first full month’s check and it saw that it paid off my investment with her, I texted her immediately. She was just as thrilled as I was for my success. It was wonderful. This team has so many strong and successful women and I feel truly blessed to have landed here. Blair Carral Carter

The biggest bonus of working with her was that it became clear to me this was the opportunity I have been looking for to change my career path. I wanted to be available to stay home more with my children, and now I can. With 16 years of dental hygiene work behind me the repetitive stress injuries were also taking a toll on my physicality. I totally jumped into business coaching with her not knowing if I could do it. But I will tell you I’m not a quitter. I pursue, I keep going. I have found to the light and the vision of personal growth and inspirational people that have helped me see how business really works. Working with her was exactly what I needed for my mind and my body as well as being able to help people find the greatest confidence in themselves their money can buy. I have found something great and I am keeping it going. Harmony Browne

When Emily first introduced me to entrepreneurship her way, I was looking for a way to bring more income to my family without taking time away from them. Emily is very driven and willing to help you every step of the way. If you are dedicated and coachable, she will literally tell you exactly what to do to succeed in this business. I am so thankful for her and this opportunity she has given me. I love the ability to help with the finances in our household, take our family on trips and most of all, I love that I get to share this opportunity with others every day. Building my own business with her support has given me more confidence and grit than I ever would have imagined and it is due to the foundation of Emily and her team. The people she attracts are welcoming, encouraging and unstoppable. The sisterhood, the flexibility and the financial rewards that come with entrepreneurship make it the smartest move you could ever make! Emily Wyse

I am so excited to share this story of my friend and business partner Beth Moyer. Today was her last day as a finance guru for Nike. She had an amazing job. Lucrative career. Sweet colleagues. But…her RF business shattered all glass ceilings, so she drove her brand new Lexus (courtesy of our company) out of the parking lot. She didn’t “need” this business when she started. She was already successful and happy at Nike! But Beth is a single mom and she is the sole provider for her two sweet girls. So now, she has the freedom to do what she needs to do! And I hate to be cliche but let’s be honest – sometimes you have to Just Do It. Beth Moyer