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The Channel Mastery podcast is built for business leaders who want to know what’s working today for the most successful multichannel, consumer centric brands. We bring the experts along with actionable strategies and implementable tips, tools and tactics, right to you, every

16: Chris Walton: The Future of Omnichannel Retail

Channel Masters, today’s guest and this episode are going to disrupt most notions you have on the evolution of retail today. You’re about to meet Chris Walton, a highly accomplished retail executive with two decades of front-line experience, path burning first with The Gap, and then, with Target.

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15: Jerod Morris: Podcasting as a Channel for your Brand

It’s no secret that I’m a podcasting junkie! I love to listen to them and I love to create them. In this episode, I talk to podcasting pioneer and guide, Jerod Morris, about why brands should consider incorporating podcasts into their broad content matrix. What would

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14: Ryan Riggs: Winning on Amazon

Did you know that (at least) 50% of ALL product searches are starting on Amazon? That’s not just wicked good SEO, that’s consumers going directly to Amazon to research their purchasing decisions. The questions for brands are do you want to be represented there and

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2: Matt Powell: Multi-Channel Business Hacking

In this episode, Matt brings his A-Game. He’s developed an innate ability to see business trends in our markets, before they even take hold, which is why he’s here with us today. Tune in and listen to Matt to offer his take on the current lookout for business in our

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