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Channel Mastery Podcast, Presented by Verde Strategy: Episode #2
GUEST: Matt Powell   HOST: Kristin Carpenter-Ogden
DATE: July 2017


Avoid awkward Conversations with Your Wholesale Partners while Growing Your eComm


Matt Powell

Download a transcript of the episode here!

GUEST PROFILE: Seventeen years ago, just about halfway into his career in sporting goods retail, Matt Powell started to do research. It’s evolved over the years and Matt is now a vice president and sports industry analyst at data powerhouse, NPD.

Matt has served as a buyer, merchandiser, operator, journalist, and now, researcher and data provider in the sporting goods space. If you have any question about the sporting goods and outdoor active lifestyle markets, he’s your guy. In fact, many, many brand leaders use Matt as a go-to, and he’s often quoted as industry expert in major business publications. You may know him from his blog Sneakernomics or his frequent contributions to Forbes.

EPISODE PREVIEW: In this episode, Matt brings his A-Game. He’s developed an innate ability to see business trends in our markets, before they even take hold, which is why he’s here with us today. Tune in and listen to Matt to offer his take on the current lookout for business in our markets and also, from the broader landscape. What Matt discusses in this episode will affect your business, if you listen and implement.

Topics covered: retail trends, protecting relationships when you sell online, strategic transparency, the importance of data analysis, differentiation, key insights on millennial buying habits and assumptions, learning from thriving industries (specifically: beauty)


“We really haven’t even begun to feel the real brunt of most of the rationalization that’s going to happen (in 2017).”

“The internet has become an integral part of the retail purchase, and to me it’s critical that every brand and retailer have a presence online in some way.”

“If I’m advising a brand about building their own physical stores, I would advise them to make them about community and less about commerce.”


Follow Matt Powell on LinkedIn, the NPD blog and website.

For those attending ORSM 2017, in Salt Lake City, meet Matt in person, with Julia Day, at the NPD breakfast on July 27, 2017 at the Marriott City Creek.