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Welcome to Verde Strategy’s blog. We blog about the trends and headlines, the ongoing
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In God We Trust: All Others Bring Data

These are the glorious, immortal words of W. Edwards Deming. According to Wikipedia, Deming served as an ‘American engineer, statistician, professor and author who helped develop the sampling techniques still used by the U.S. Department of the Census and Bureau of…

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How to Win on Amazon

Many of you have likely been following (or maybe even cheering on) David Kahan, the CEO of Birkenstock, as he’s publicly accused Amazon of launching an ‘assault on decency’ while concurrently warning retailers (third-party sellers) against selling ‘even a single pair’ of Birkenstocks to Amazon. The prize quote from Kahan? “This is a middle finger to all brands.”…

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If You’re Not Questioning Everything, It’s Time to Start

“Jerry Seinfeld said that the enemy of comedy is success because as soon as you become successful, you don’t wanna be changing any routines ’cause you wanna stay successful.” This is a quote from one of our first podcast interviews with author and innovation consultant, Tom Asacker (episode #3 of the Channel Mastery podcast )….

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