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Get Clear On Where You’re Going In 2020 With Vision Day


Join me for a fun-filled 2 hour live workshop together where we’ll explore YOUR highs & lows for each of the past 12 months, what lessons you learned, get clear on where you are now and uncover your north star for making 2020 your best year yet 🙂

When?  – Wednesday 12/18 @ 3pm Pacific Time / 6pm  Eastern Time

(This workshop has ended BUT the recording and workbook are found below)

What’s this all about?…

In Just 2 Hours Together You’ll Discover…

Insights, Ideas And Lessons From YOUR 2019

Using a unique process to guide you, we’ll uncover what lessons, “ah ha’s” and patterns you notice from the past 12 months.  What are you taking forward? What will you leave behind?  And how it can positively impact your direction for 2020. 


Uncover What You Want MOST (2020 Vision)

This is the process I’ve used for the past 5 years to create intentionally a compass.  This compass isn’t a goal, but rather a THEME for the year.  Is 2020 your Year For Growth?, The year For Balance?  The Year of Saying Yes?!  The Year of Saying No?!  There’s endless possibilities but trust that this process will get you CRYSTAL clear on what your theme gets to be for the year 2020.

Identify What You TRULY Want To Achieve

I’m a big believer that life is not all about achievement.  Instead, life is about who we become in the process.  But we need to get clear on where we want to go in order to set the path for us to become so much more.  We’ll get you clear on this.

Together let's set the North Star for the compass of your life's direction.

This process has been transformational for me in creating remarkable experiences in my life.  Sure there’s things that occur all throughout the year that are frustrating, sad, annoying, boring, etc…AND by setting my Northstar (the Theme for the year), my life moves in the direction of what my heart wants most. Warning: Setting a course and direction for the year doesn’t mean it’ll be easy…  this process will likely challenge you more than anything.


Kevin Schouweiler

Coach & All-Around Nice Guy

Coach & All-Around Nice Guy

If you’re reading this, its likely you’ve worked with me in some form or another… So I’ll save ya the blurb about me.  You get what I do 😉

You ready to Make 2020 A year of Progress?

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