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Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

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HOST PROFILE: Kristin is the founder and CEO of Verde Brand Communications, a 16-year-old leading communications agency for the passion-driven outdoor, bike, snow, endurance, travel, health + wellness, consumer electronics, craft beer and spirits, and lifestyle industries. Through her agency, she has helped over 200 companies – from startups to some of the world’s biggest corporations – expand and thrive.

She’s also the founder and co-leader of Verde Strategy. Kristin first developed her consumer-centric mindset in her decade-long journalism career, where she was a sought after and respected journalist who reported on outdoors, fitness and business. She serves on the advisory board for the State of Colorado Office of Outdoor Recreation, and is a board member for the American Mountain Guides Association.

EPISODE PREVIEW: In this episode, Kristin introduces how and why the Channel Mastery podcast came to be, and previews what to expect in the weekly episodes. If you’re questioning if a multi-channel, consumer-centric strategy is right for your business, Kristin provides a 360-view of why the time is now to implement change. As the guide for this experience, Kristin shares a brief summary of her 26-year career in the outdoors and active lifestyles industries. Her market-fluent insight and access to the world’s foremost experts in all facets of multi-channel development set the stage for a compelling new podcast series that promises to be at times challenging, at times reassuring, and always a productive and results-oriented resource for business leaders navigating the ever-evolving marketplace.


“The Channel Mastery podcast exists to help you understand, learn and implement what’s working today for successful MULTI-CHANNEL businesses.”

“[It’s] dedicated to guiding company leaders how to be exceptional in providing a brand experience across multiple points of entry, or channels, online, offline and inline.”

“Channel Mastery will give you what you need – resources, data, analysis, insights and approaches — to get faster and better at building a new plane while flying the one you’re currently piloting.”

“Everything I’ve done in business was inspired by and borne from a real need. I recognized through Verde’s services and relationships that businesses need help knowing what to watch, how to evaluate it and how to implement. As Matt Powell, one of our founding guests says, ‘It’s about the WHAT?, the SO WHAT?, and the WHAT NOW?’”

“The channel is our point of convergence – our chance to work together to create growth from the many, many opportunities that today’s era of business.”

“This podcast will give you the what’s working best today to be discovered by, connect and engage with, and ultimately convert your target end consumer in their preferred channels.”

“The Channel Mastery podcast audience is painfully aware that things are changing incredibly fast, and they need to know what works for successful multi-channel businesses.”


Kristin is the CEO and founders of Verde Brand Communications, and the founder of Verde Strategy

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